Registration for new or existing students is made at the beginning of a school year but is also accepted at any time throughout the school year.

The registration fee for an individual student is $65 per year, with a maximum fee of $85 per family. RSFA will prorate the registration fee after January 1 to $35 per student, with a maximum of $50 per family. The fee is due on or before the first lesson.

Students can register on line or at their lesson. If you choose to register and pay at your lesson the check should be made payable to Ridgedale School of Fine Arts and submitted with your registration form.

Lesson Fees
The monthly lesson fees are $120 for weekly 30-minute lessons, $170 ($10 discount) for weekly 45-minutes lessons and $220
($20 discount) for weekly 1-hour lessons.
Payment is due to the teacher at the first lesson of each month for the upcoming month. A late fee of $15 will be charged if the payment has not been received by the 9th of the month.
Checks for lesson fees should be made payable to Ridgedale Baptist Church or you may pay online. 
Any unused lesson fees from missed lessons by teachers or early withdrawal by students may be discussed between teachers and students.
Recitals, Festivals and Competitions

Each RSFA music student is encouraged to prepare repertoire on his/her applied instrument or voice for annual Spring Recitals. Recital dates are determined by the individual teacher and RSFA.

Other recitals, local and state competitions, or auditions are optional but encouraged and will be determined jointly by teachers and students.

RSFA art students may also have exhibitions of their work as determined by the teacher and student.

Ridgedale Baptist Church, RSFA sponsor, enjoys hearing students play or sing in times of worship and seeing students’ artistic creations and welcomes students and their families for such occasions as arranged by teachers.

In addition, opportunities may be offered by teachers for students to use their talents in off-campus settings as an encouragement to others.

Students and parents are responsible for audition or festival fees, if any.

Absences, Cancellations

Consistent lesson attendance is encouraged for the best progress.

Lessons missed by the student or by the teacher may be rescheduled at the teacher’s discretion.

Lesson time switching is permissible but must be approved by the teacher.

Please contact your teacher directly and give at least a 24-hour notice for lessons you need to miss. Only emergency calls for cancellations should be made to the church offices.

Weather Policy and Holidays

Weather safety is a priority for RSFA, but mildly inclement weather and school closings may not always cancel lessons. (See the RSFA Safety Guidelines document for further information.)

The best means of determining weather-related lesson cancellations is to contact the teacher.

RSFA calendar does not always follow public school holidays. Please confirm with individual RSFA teachers for questions concerning holidays.

Safety Concerns

Ridgedale Baptist Church and RSFA want you, your children, teachers, children in our Child Development Center, church guests and staff to be safe while on the Ridgedale campus. Safety guidelines have been adopted for these purposes.

Two copies of School of Fine Arts Safety Guidelines are provided for you to carefully read, one to keep and one to return signed when you are registering for a school year. Your registration is not considered complete without a signed-and-returned copy.

Supplies, Instruments

Students or parents are responsible for the purchase of music books, art supplies and other equipment or supplies, unless provided by the teacher.

Non-piano music students must provide their own instruments. RSFA does not provide or rent instruments.

Teachers may offer valuable advice and offer assistance in obtaining instruments and art equipment and supplies.

Liability, Policies Acceptance

The RSFA will conduct and sanction all lessons, classes, recitals, art exhibitions and other RSFA-sponsored events on the property of Ridgedale Baptist Church and will be insured as specified within the church’s policy.

If lessons, classes, recitals, art exhibitions or other RSFA-sponsored events are conducted at a location other than Ridgedale Baptist Church, then the parent and/or guardian of the student and the student, if of legal age, hereby release Ridgedale School fo Fine Arts, Ridgedale Baptist Church, its staff, employees, members and church sponsors from any liability from accident, injury, or misconduct while participating in these off-campus events. Your signature on the Registration Form or your registering online confirms that you understand and agree to this legal policy.

Further, your signature on the Registration Form or your registering online indicates your acceptance of and intention to follow the policies in this form or online.

Mission Statement

RSFA exists to help and encourage students of all ages to develop and use their skills and talents for the glory of God in both sacred and secular settings. Excellence is the goal, recognizing and honoring God as the giver and sustainer of these skills and talents.

Music study trains the whole person: the eyes, the ears, the hands and the imagination, but the most importantly it changes your heart. We believe that music is the most precious gift that God gave to a man. We seek to give our students a comprehensive musical foundation that will serve them as a life-long creators and patrons of music.

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My son has been taking piano lessons at Ridgedale School of Fine Arts for five years. My child’s piano abilities have grown so much! He will carry the gift of music and the joy of playing piano into his future.

“I love being part of the Ridgedale School of Fine Arts. Love the Christmas and Spring recitals, and very grateful for all the performance opportunities for the students. I feel we are getting the best of the best in instructors.”

My family was part of RSFA for 17 years. From piano, voice and violin lessons my children have the opportunities to participate in different auditions and competitions, perform in recitals, seek scholarships and just have the enjoyment of knowing music.